Web Developer Notes

Web application: Digit classification with Convolutional Neural Network

After several courses I took on Coursera, I have got a chance to apply machine learning on a real project – computer digit classification in PHP web applicaton. Lots of blog posts show you how to develop model that reads prepared data, displays model accuracy and loss, than describe some hyperparameters tuning and the results. I was (quite deep) digging for informations how to implement whole proces in real application. From data preparation and trained model implementation. So this post has this primary goal – describe the whole process.  Read →

Archiving price changes in SQL

Archiving price changes is probably common function often implemented in web applications. I would like to share solution that satisfied requirements in application we developed.  Read →

Using Delegators in Zend Framework

Delegators (delegation pattern) in Zend Framework are very useful in situations when you need to add some configuration or dependency during instantiation of service class (service manager knows about that class). You will achive it with a delegator factory. The factory wraps your service and provides additional "decoration".  Read →

Migrating ZF2 to ZF3

I have migrate couple of projects from ZF2 to ZF3 so I decided to summarize steps I went through during Zend Framework migration.  Read →

Zend Framework route configuration in .ini file

Configuring routes using arrays is a common practice in Zend Framework documentation examples. However when the number of routes is increasing I get often lost in arrays and whole route config part starts to be confusing to me.  Read →

Nested set model practical examples, part I.

Every developer will sooner or later solve a situation how to store hierarchical data (parent – child relation) in relational database. As there is a lot of information and code snippets for representing trees and hierarchies in SQL, I will demonstrate practical examples and source codes you can use and save time on your project.  Read →