Web systems development

I approach designing applications as an investment which is supposed to bring you profit, increase productivity or optimize the routine process. Smart solutions, safety and usability of the application is the main characteristics of my work.

Do you need a tailored web application, CRM/ERP system or website? I will create that for you.

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Application safety

With the growing competition in the online environment, it is necessary to adjust applications and not let them get old. I watch out for new and time-proven techniques in web application development and use them in my work.

Safety is something you cannot see. Sometimes other priorities are given preference, other times it is a limited item in the budget. Whether it is a simple application my work is always characterised by high-quality and safe code.

Development environments:

  • PHP, Zend Framework 1, 2, 3, Laminas
  • Python, TensorFlow
  • JavaScript, D3.js
  • Bootstrap

I'm good at finding reliable solutions for atypical problems.
I always keep the deadline and honour my word.

Selected projects

What else I can do for You

  • website development consultations
  • Zend Framework to Laminas migration assistance
  • domain name registration, ensure hosting services and e-mail accounts
  • ensure logo design and website design
  • create responsive HTML5/CSS layout
  • SEO optimization of on-page factors
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