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Mobile phones and tablets are becoming the new PCs of this generation. This increases the number of devices through which users access the internet. These devices use different resolutions to display websites. If your target group accesses the internet through their mobile phones or tablets rather than PCs, you need to adjust your websites for these devices as well.

Is your website not working the way you want? Do you want a website that works on any smartphone or tablet?

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Jaroslav Egrt

Redesign from WERC

What should a good website do? Be transparent, easy to use and provide informative and relevant content.

A problem with one of the categories listed below might be the reason why your website isn’t doing its job.

1. Quality content, the basis of SEO

There is one thing all search engines have in common: they are interested in the text on your website. If it is good, users link to your content and search engines will certainly favour your website.

The more informative the presentation of your product or service is, the faster the users will decide. It is not always a decision based solely on price.

2. Usability

If the visitor gets lost in your website, the mistake is on the part of the designer. Not everyone will visit your home page. Good organization informing visitors where things are and what will happen after using a link, is the guarantee of the visitor’s satisfaction and your gain.

3. Website speed

Internet users are impatient and want to find the desired information quickly. It can easily happen that if your website is loading too long, visitors will lose interest in it and go to a different source or competition. What does 500 lost visitors mean to you?

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