Web systems development

I like to work with clients who have an idea of the goal that their project should meet. I focus on long-term cooperation with the client. For larger projects, I work with other programmers or graphics. I use proven designs and solutions, including my own web CMS system Seagull.

Selected projects

Monitoring the condition of coal piles, Tušimice


Creation of an intranet system with overviews of current production state, parts for visualization of the state of coal piles, including management and calculations of data on the coal pile and the quality of stored coal.

CRM system of a travel agency

chorvatsko-levne.cz, s.r.o.

Creation and development of a reservation system, creation of the Adria Planet, Robinson websites, including an internal system for commission sellers and accommodation units owners.

Management of the production process of a glass company

Aleš Zvěřina & AZ-Design

Created and developed system for order management, inventory and production management. At individual workplaces, employees have implemented the Kanban method in the process.

CRM system for international car transport company

Mertlík.eu - Car Transport Company, s.r.o.

Cooperation in the development of CRM system for truck transport, development of modules according to customer needs, records, wages, analyzes, holidays ...

Order management and production planning system

KLINGER Kempchen s.r.o.

Creating a system for production planning, importing orders and occupying machines, generating a production plan for the shift and generating reports.

Web systems

I have been creating websites and developing web applications since 2004. Since 2012 the main activity has been the development of internet applications, corporate CRM/ERP systems, where in some cases I work with other programmers on the project.

Machine Learning/ML

Since 2017 I have also focused on the implementation of machine learning algorithms for digitizing some processes in project.

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